The evolution of Asking Alexandria

these two gifs are from the same band, same singer, same guitarists, same bassist, same drummer. The only difference is five years, five years of growing in the band they want to be. They toured allover the world, battled alcohol and drug addiction and faced a lot of criticism and internet hate. They’ve changed for the better in my opininon. The title of their song ¨Moving on¨ implies to this change, if you listen to the lyrics this also becomes apparent: ¨He wanted to change the world, to make it all worthwhile. So he put his pen to paper and poured out everything inside. He’s read the scene and unpacked the man that he had became. So leave him trailing on the fasttrack to falling into his grave.¨ and of course the last lyric of the chorus: ¨I don’t wanna do this anymore, I’m moving on¨

Moving on, moving away from the scene, moving anywhere they want,  moving in the direction they want to be